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The best beneficial uterine tonic & ecbolic after parturition

  • Maximum care of uterus
  • Helps in expulsion of placenta
  • Ensures smooth and clear vaginal discharge
  • Prevents pus formation and avoid metritis


  • For retention of placenta
  • 250ml. After every 2 hrs.
  • As uterine cleanser
  • Cow/Buffalo/mares: 100ml daily
  • Sheep and goat: 50ml/daily.
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  • Doctor, the animal keepers have to face procreation related disease the most in the animals.
    Doctor, in most of the diseases, infection of procreation system’s limbs is found.
  • Due to the procreation system infection the animal is repeat breeder and non- conceiving.
  • Doctor, you have always need a product which cure the procreation limbs infection fast –
    treat bacteria, protozoa which are the infection’s cause – strengthen the uterus.
  • Doctor, for your need ANIMAX has brought UTRAMAX IU in which there is a powerful and
    definite formula for success.
  • Doctor, UTRAMAX IU contains three constituents. It has an anti biotic ofloxacin which
    destroys gram ve and gram –ve bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. Second constituent is
    ornidazole. It is also effective on gram negative and anaerobic bacteria; besides this it
    destroys trichomonas and protozoa. Doctor, third constituent is urea due to formation of
    locial secretion increase in procreation system which cleans the procreation limbs.
  • Doctor, ofloxacin and ornidazole become more powerful by making sinrjistic power and any
    kind and form of procreation system infection goes off – whatsoever is the cause and
    frequency – UTRAMAX IU is the only formula to control every kind of infection.
  • UTRAMAX IU is the solution of repeat breeder – and only product of treatment done after
    retention of placenta. Doctor, the animal will get rid of infection by releasing 60 M.L. daily
    for 3-5 days in the uterus. To increase conceiving rate UTRAMAX can be given 12 hours after
    Artificial Insemination or N.S.
  • Doctor, give UTRA MAX endometritis, pyometra, metritis, salpingitis and vulvovaginiyis. It is
    available in 60 M.L. and 500 M.L.

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