DIG-UP Strong Bolus


Product Description


More favourable environment for beneficial ruminal microflora


  • With antibiotic treatment
  • Anorexia due to any reason.
  • During stress.


  • Large Animal: 1-2 bolus twice daily
  • Small Animal: 1/2-1 Bolus twice daily
  • 1/2 Bolus/Day for one week
  • Prevents calf mortality.


  • Doctor, do you know that the nutrients given to animals in fooder and their medium of
    production of metabolism and more energy is animal’s RAYUMAN – if RAYUMAN functions
    in a good way then given essential nutrients will be beneficial.
  • Doctor, given nutrients get converted to energy successfully and RAYUMAN function in a
    healthy manner for that you need such product that set the RAYUMAN.
  • Doctor, ANIMAX fulfils your need by DIG-UP STRONG BOLUS to make RAYUMAN the best
  • Doctor, in DIG-UP STRONG BOLUS such ingredients are included which increase the
    RAYUMAN’S functioning. Doctor, microflora be in great numbers in RAYUMAN for food
    digeston, RAYUMAN can function completely and probiotic be available there. Live yeast
    culture, two species of lactobacillus, two species of bacillus and propine bacterium in DIG-UP
    STRONG BOLUS fulfil RAYUMAN’S need. It increases microflora and makes them functional.
  • Doctor, DIG-UP STRONG BOLUS contains C flora. The mineral in C flora which makes Vitamin
    B complex in RAYUMAN and helpful in growth of microflora.
  • Doctor, five different kinds of enzymes are added in DIG-UP STRONG BOLUS that produce
    various kinds of secretions and juices in animal’s digestion system. Secretions and juices are
    helpful in digestion of food and fusion in blood.
  • Doctor, Nux-Vomica is added in DIG-UP STRONG BOLUS and that is a NAVINE tonic. Num-
    Vomica stimulates VEGARS nerve and in the result RAYUMAN keeps functioning.
  • Doctor, if we describe briefly, there are such ingredients added in DIG-UP STRONG BOLUS
    that increase the number and efficiency, production of Vitamin B complex of microflora in
    RAYUMAN, increase the intestanial juice in RAYUMAN and make RAYUMAN functional by
    NAVINE tonic. RAYUMAN digests food, dissolves maximum nutrients in blood by becoming
    more functional and in the result, the animal gets more energy. The animal becomes healthy
    and the production is according to hope.
  • Doctor, in anorexic, indigestion, less-feeding etc. symptoms, you can two bolus in morning,
    two bolus in evening for three days. Doctor, besides these symptoms, if you want that given
    nutrients to animal provide full profit then you can prescribe two bolus in morning and
    evening for two days once in a month so that it’s RAYUMAN be healthy and production be
    continue. Doctor, four boluses are available in a strip.
    Thank You.


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