LDM Set Pet Plus Powder


Product Description

Set Pet Plus

Most effective formula for “Mastitis”
Presentation: 50gm sachet
Dosage rate: 1 sachet or 50gm/per day/per animal, 4-5 days.
Set-Pet Plus: A unique combination to treat Mastitis effectively with no side effect at all


  •  Doctor, you know that Mastitis is a dangerous disease which causes a lot of loss to the
    animal keeper. It causes with the high milk producing animal after delivery or pregnancy.
    Doctor, its reason is many micro-germs. But during Mastitis the animal is feverish, swelling
    and pain in tits do not let the animal sit. The animal feels restlessness. There is a change in
    its milk. There is a change also in milk colour and quality. Sometimes, even the animal’s tit
    gets damaged and the animal is negated or denied.
  •  Doctor, Mastitis can be cured with antibiotic but antibiotic kills only micro-germs. But it does
    not affect additional symptoms like; fever, inflammation, restlessness and milk structure and
    Mastitis gets cured very late. The animal keeper has to face a lot of loss due to late recovery.
  • Doctor, to eradicate these symptoms and for fast recovery; ANIMAX SET PET POWER is such
    the product that is a unique weapon to fight against Mastitis.
  • Doctor, SET PET POWDER contains Serratiopeptidase which works as NSIDT. Controls pain,
    inflammation and stiffness. Takes antibiotic’s impact to the internal cells. Its citrate rectifies
    milk Ph. Changes in milk colour and quality get off. It contains Vitamin E, Basil and Aloe Vera
    which increases the immunity power and plays a big role in recovering from Mastitis.
  • Doctor, in every kind of Mastitis; either acute, or chronic, or clinical or subclinical – it
    benefits the animal by becoming helper in the treatment. Makes the animal strong by
    providing relief from udder’s pain and inflammation. Animal recovers from Mastitis and
    starts giving good quality milk – it does not let the animal keeper go in loss with the animal
    protection as well.
  • Doctor, give SET PET POWDER 50 grams both times for three days and treat Mastitis on your
    own and you will find great results. It is available in six packets of 5o grams which is a course
  • Doctor, examine this in ten cases – finding magical result in Mastitis – you yourself will
    always use in treatment and prevention – it is my belief.
    Thank You.


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