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  • Doctor, do you know some times the animal does not lactate fully or full quantity of
    milk in not present. Most of the animals can’t create more milk. Generally such
    situation is faced more in untimely delivery, abortion and death of calf.
  • Do you know such circumstances happen because of any change in management
    and deficiency of nutrients given to the animal.
  • It is very harmful to the animal keepers if the animal does not give milk or give less
    milk than hoped, give milk for short duration after delivery. Such circumstances
    affect the animal keepers financially.
  • Doctor, in such situation, you need a product that help animal in giving milk in full
    quantity and on time.
  • Doctor, it is possible by Animax Health Care’s product LDM. LDM is instrumental in
    getting full and more milk from milch cattle.
  • Do you know that lesser nutrients in fodder give lesser energy to the cattle. Don’t
    get complete milk making components which don’t get dissolve in body completely.
    In the result lesser amount of milk, highest milk on peak late after delivery – lesser
    milk amount – short lactation period due to that the animal keeper is benefitted less.
  • Doctor, LDM contains 30 essential herbs which help the animal in every way in milk
    production – give nutrient elements – availability of nutrients in sufficient amount
    provides milk for longer time without any hindrance that increases the animal
    keeper’s profit.
  • So, Doctor, recommend this incomparable product L.D.M. to your animal keepers
    daily – give health to their animal – produce more milk continuously – because
    L.D.M. is prepared from the herbs recommended by Ayurvedic that make more milk.
    The animal’s lactation is on time due to daily intake of these constituents – gives full
    milk – makes the body healthy so the animal give more quantity and quality milk –
    give milk for long time.
  • Doctor, L.D.M. is available in 1 litre and 3 litre pack – give every milch cattle 100 M.L.
    in the morning and 100 M.L. in the evening for 5-10 days.
  • Doctor, initially you examine this on ten buffaloes. I am not only hopeful but also
    sure that you will recommend this for use by seeing it the best results.

Thank You.

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1 litre, 3 litre


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