Udder Gard


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  • Speeds recovery from mastitis
  • Prevents post pertum mastitis
  • Promotes the growth of foetus
  • Horn/Hoovess cracks
  • Corrects leaky teats
  • Poor sperm count
  • Alopecia in pets


  • Large animals: 10ml daily
  • Pets: 2-5ml daily
  • Calf: 5ml daily
  • Poultry: 5-7ml per 100 chiek 20ml per 100 birds.
  • Each 1 ml. Contains
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  • Doctor, you know that in amongst the milk producing body parts of milch cattle, udder is the
    most important milk producing body part. If udder is healthy and powerful then the animal
    can store full milk – will give more and quality milk.
  •  Doctor, to make the udder strong and healthy, you need such product that is the UDDER-
    GARD by ANIMAX, which makes the udder more functional.
  • Doctor, UDDER-GARD is made from such five nutrient constituents that make the udder
    strong. It has Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin H and Selenium. These constituents
    collectively affect in a unique way on the animal’s udder.
  • Doctor, UDDER-GARD makes the animal’s udder healthy and strong; it is a panacea for it.
  • Helpful in making the four tits or four parts of udder normal.
  • If animal suffers from Mastitis, either normal or abnormal. UDDER-GARD is helpful in
    reviving the animal’s milk – animal gets on normal milk soon.
  • Protects common animals from Mastitis given after delivery – prevents Mastitis.
  • Increases milk storing capacity so that the animal can make more milk.
  • The animal can give milk continue and for long time, its milk production period can be
    longer; UDDER-GARD is helpful in that.
  • UDDER-GARD keeps milk producing limbs flexible – keeps safe.
  • UDDER-GARD provides sufficient energy to animal to make milk.
  • Doctor, UDDER-GARD is an idea to produce more milk in animal, to increase the udder’s milk
    storing capacity and to prevent Mastitis. Examine it and get acquainted to special benefits
    and must give to cows and buffaloes after every delivery for 5-10 days.
  • Doctor, give UDDER-GARD 10 M.L. twice daily – UDDER-GARD is available in 250 M.L., 500
    M.L. and 1 litre.

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1 Ltr, 250 ml, 500 ml


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