Nutri Diet Plus Powder

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Veterinary Nutri Diet

Organic minerals mixture fortified with rumen stable enzyme complex.


  • Meets mineral deficiency
  • Brings fertility in cattle and buffalo
  • Treats Rheumatism
  • Finishes weakness
  • Increase milk production.

Each 1 kg. Has nutritional value o


  • Doctor, do you know that an animal needs many nutrient ingredients to keep it healthy, to
    take complete milk production and to make its reproduction or breeding power better.
    Continue intake of these nutrients prevents such problems. But howsoever is the quality of
    animal’s food, all constituents can’t be available in full quantity.
  • In such condition animal’s milk production decreases. The animal can’t remain healthy with
    weak immunity power. The reproduction can’t remain normal.
  • Doctor, you need some special product that you can recommend to animal keepers to
    provide full quantity of these essential nutrient constituents that does not let the nutrients
    level go down.
  • To fulfil your need, NUTRI-DIET CHELATED POWDER by ANIMAX is a complete solution of
    nutrient elements’ deficiency.
  • Doctor, NUTRI-DIET CHEALTED is a complete mixture of essential nutrient elements which is
    prepared on the Animal Scientists’ recommendations.
  • Doctor, there are five macro minerals in NUTRI-DIET CHEALTED i.e, calcium, phosphorus,
    sodium, potassium, megnisum and sulphur; and seven micro minerals, which are; copper,
    iodine, cobalt, iron, zinc, megnize and selenium. Due to chelated, minerals dissolve very late.
  • NUTRI-DIET CHELATED contains five Vitamins – Vitamin A, D3, E, H and Nicotinamide – in this
    way prepared from 18 essential nutrient elements this product is a scientific formula. It
    fulfils the animal’s need.
  • Its intake increases the immunity power and because of that the animal gets good health.
  • The animal’s milk production maintains and gives more milk for longer time due to its good
    health because of NUTRI-DIET CHELATED.
  • The animal’s reproduction activity becomes the best because of NUTRI-DIET CHELATED.
    Repeat-Breeding does not take place in animal and its reproduction increases. Calves grow
    and develop very fast and become adult very soon.
  • NUTRI-DIET CHELATED completely prevents the diseases occurred by nutrient elements
    deficiency and benefits the animal keepers economically.
  • Doctor, must give NUTRI-DIET CHELATED 50 grams to mature animals and 20 grams to
    immature animals daily – you can give it in food 2kg/100 kg feed.
  • Doctor, it is available in 1 kilo, 5 kilos and 25-kilo pack.
  • I am not only hopeful but also confident that you will surely recommend this to the animal
    keepers as it is prepared from the mixture of essential nutrient elements.

Thank You.

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1 KG, 5 KG, 25 KG


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