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  • Doctor, every animal’s own immunity power plays a big role in its fast curing during
    treatment and decreasing the recovery period. Vitamin C is considered foremost and most
    powerful nutrient element for that.
  • Doctor, you know that animal gets Vitamins and minerals from its food and these Vitamins
    and minerals get stored in animal’s body and it uses them according to need. But the
    Vitamins which are dissolvable in water don’t store in body and during non-use, these extra
    Vitamins and minerals get out of the body. So, there is a need of using Vitamin C and B-
    Complex for daily purpose to the animal.
  • The animal should get sufficient amount of Vitamin C especially when it is facing any health
    issue, at that time you need such product that can avail of Vitamin C according to the
    animal’s need.
  • WIT C prepared by ANIMAX fulfils your need. It is a lifeline in animal’s every health issue – it
    is not only an antioxidant it is but also an element to increase immunity power – it is a
    nutrient element.
  •  Doctor, WIT C INJECTION provides energy by internally detoxifying the body. It kills free
    harmful radicals which keep forming in the body and it plays a role of powerful anti biotic.
     Doctor, WIT C is an essential nutrient element of immune system- it increases it capability
    and helps in every ongoing treatment. Cures the animal without any delay and makes
  • Doctor, WIT C gives energy to the animal to fight against depression. Whatsoever is the
    cause of depression – the animal remains depression-free.
  • Doctor, WIT C doesn’t let the animal’s cells get destroyed which makes the body weak in any
    patient generally. That’s why it is called power provider Vitamin.
  • Doctor, WIT C purifies the animal’s internal functionaries by detoxifying the ailments.
    Increases their capability.
  • Doctor, we can say that to make the animal completely healthy, it is an energy rather than
    medicine which increases immunity power in an animal so that it can revive its milk production
    by getting healthy.
  • Doctor, in WIT C, Ascorbic acid is available 250 M.G. per M.L. and can be given by
    Intramuscular and Intravenous 20 M.L. per Kilo to mature animal and 2 M.L. per 25 Kilo per
    body weight. Can give 30 M.L. once whereas give 3-5 M.L. to the immature animal. WIT C
    INJECTION is available in 30 M.L. and 100 M.L.
  • Doctor, WIT C INJECTION is the best method to make the animal healthy by increasing
    power, preventing dehydration, and accelerating immunity power – you have witnessed.
    Further, you will find it helpful products in the treatment.
    Thank You.

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