Milk Mass JS Calcium


Product Description

Milk Mass-JS


  • Increase total lactation period
  • Improves milk holding capacity
  • Leads to smooth let down of milk in case of calf death and abortion
  • In oxytocin deficiency it regulates the flow of milk in to teats


  • Doctor, in high milk yielding animals, there is a need of more nutrients because of daily
    continuous burn of essential nutrient elements in them. If we want to take more milk from
    animals, we need such a product that can fulfil this daily nutrients deficiency to keep the
    animal healthy for the milk production for longer time.
  • Doctor, MILK MASS JS CHEALTED is a unique product of ANIMAX HELATH CARE which is a
    power house manufactured from calcium and milk producing ingredients.
  • Doctor, MILK MASS CHEALTED prepared on Scientists’ recommendations is such a product
    that has nutrient elements’ quantity and proportion according to scientific tastings.
  • Doctor, MILK MASS JS CHEALTED provides all highest quality milk yields ingredients.
  • Doctor, in MILK MASS JS CHEALTED, all ingredients is available lest the animal’s production
    should be unaffected and should be creation of negative energy circumstances due to post-
  • Doctor, it contains calcium mineral which merges inside of animal for longer time and animal
    gets its highest quantity for longer time.
  • Due to any depression and change the animal does not have hindrance in milk production
    and give milk without any hindrance, this purpose can be fulfilled by giving MILK MASS JS
  • Doctor, silo marine is added in MILK MASS JS CHEALTED which is a liver-guard, keeps liver
    highest functional – metabolises the nutrient elements completely so that these nutrient
    elements get merged in animal’s blood and fulfil its need otherwise there is no advantage of
    giving this nutrient element if it does not get merged in body.
  • Doctor, you know nutrient elements obtained from MILK MASS JS CHEALTED keep the
    animal healthy, increase their immunity power – strengthen the defence system against
    external diseases. Quick development in immature animal and weight increase.
  • Doctor, in MILK MASS JS CHEALTED 100 M.L., calcium is 3685 grams and phosphorus is 1842
    grams in proportion of 2:1. Magnesium, Vitamin D3, B12 and Biotin are also available in it.
    Milk enhancers Leptadenia reticulata ( Indian name Jeevanti), Asparagus Racemorus (Indian
    name Shatavari) and Piper Longum Linn ( Indian name Pipali) are added in it which make this
    product an ideal and unique.
  • Give MILK MASS JS CHEALTED 100 M.L. to your animal once in a day.
  • Doctor, in whichever dairy farm you examine it, will satisfy the animal keeper – please
    examine in two weeks and strengthen your trust. It is available in 5 litres and 20 litres pack.

85Thank You.


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