NRB Liquid


Product Description



Helpful to provide a complete fertility solution like

  • Repeat breeding
  • Anoestrus
  • Non-ovulation

Helpful in prevention of pregnancy disorders like

  • Abortion
  • Distokia
  • Retention of placenta

Helpful to maintain hormonal balance in reproductive system

  • Dosage
  • Cow/Buffalo: 100ml/daily
  • Goat/Sheep: 30-50 ml/daily

Presentation: 1 ltr


  • Doctor, animal’s infertility and repeat breeder is a very big issue. The animal keepers have to
    face big loss every year.
  • Doctor, you know that repeat breeding or infertility triggers due to essential nutrient
    elements deficiency.
  • Doctor, the animal needs such product that is made of such nutrient elements and is a
    panacea of infertility and repeat breeder, it is necessary for you.
  • Doctor, ANIMAX N.R.B. will fulfil your need because it is the only solution of strengthening
    female animal’s procreation activity.
  • Doctor, you know that these two problems trigger by deficiency of nutrient elements in
    which complete hormones don’t form – its procreation limbs get weak – the animal
    becomes unable to control the depression causing elements and these affect the animal
  • Doctor, N.R.B. contains four prime Vitamins – A, D3, E and Biotin. Special minerals; zinc,
    cobalt and selenium are in it. Besides this it has abstract of 25 special herbs. Some special
    out of these are; Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Dashmool, Pipali (Piper longum linn),
    Safed musli (Chlorophytum borivilanum), Black Sesame Seeds, Punarnova (Boerhavia
    diffusa), Gokharu (Tribulus terrestris), Satap (?), Drumstick, White sandalwood etc.
  • Doctor, the mixture of these essential nutrient elements needed for normalisation of
    animal’s procreation system, is available. Because of this hormones formation, balancing
    and timely activity of procreation limbs become successful.
  • In this way, N.R.B. does not let the animal suffer from infertility. The animal does not
    become repeat breeder. The animal’s procreation limbs work fully with power and normally.
    The animal becomes pregnant at time. Heating on time – delivery on time and the animal
    gives full milk for long duration.
  • Doctor, give N.R.B. 100 M.L. in the morning, 100 M.L. in the evening daily for five days – it is
    available in 1 litre pack.
  • Doctor, N.R.B. has to be given to every animal to bring it in proper heat before and after the
  • N.R.B. is your tested and examined product and recommend it to the animal keepers.

Thank You.


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