Product Description

Prolap Gard

For care and cure of Prolapse


  • Pre-partuient Prolapse of vagina
  • Post-parturient prolapse of uterus


  • Checks the prolapse of vagina and uterus
  • Strengthens Pelvic ligaments and broad ligaments
  • Gives support to the uterine musculature
  • Tightens the vulvar sphineter.


For cow and buffalo: 100gm of medicine should be given once a day with 200ml. Of mustard oil and 150gm. Gram flora (Besan).


  • Doctor, you know that prolapse (uterus bulging) is commonly seen in many animals. It may
    be of uterus. It may happen before or after the delivery or pregnancy. It badly affects
    animal’s body and production.
  • You know that the scientists have not found out its any solid reason. Finally, to prevent this
    and to protect animal from its bad affects, there is need of such product that can prevent all
    reasons of prolapse.
  • ANIMX PROPLAP GARD POWDER is such product that can control every kind of prolapse,
    prevents and helpful in non-repentance of prolapse in next pregnancy.
  • Doctor, you must have seen animal protruding uterus out of vagina and in this way there is a
    danger to the foetus. The animal is in depression – animal is restless and milk production is
    badly affected.
  • Doctor, for its instant treatment and animal management PROLAP GARD POWDER is a
    panacea which protects the uterus and takes care of animal health.
  • Doctor, PROLAP GARD is a mixture of various kinds of herbs – calcium and Vitamin E. These
    are such nutrient elements that eradicate the weakness so that no repentance of prolapse –
    and helpful in strengthening the pelvic ligaments. It normalises the vagina sphincter.
  • Due to the receptance of nutrient elements the uterus and vaginal muscles get strength and
    animal does not prolapse.
  • 100 grams PROLAPS GARD with 150 grams besan (gram flour) and 200 M.L. sarson ka tail
    (mustard oil) for five days daily cures of every condition, of every size and of late prolapse –
    reason may be of nutrient elements deficiency or any weakness. It takes care of all problems
    after prolapse and does not let the animal keeper face any economical loss. The animal gives
    full milk – its depression gets off.
  • Doctor, examine PROLAP GARD in 8-10 cases and you yourself will find out because it is
    tested and examined and reliable product – it is available in 500 grams and 1 kilogram pack.

Thank You.


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