Milk Mass JS Bolus


Product Description

Milk Mass-JS


  • Increases total lactation period
  • Improves milk holding capacity
  • Leads to smooth let down of milkin case of calf death and abortion.
  • In Oxytocin deficiency in regulates the flow of milk in to teats


  • Doctor, you know that there are hindrances in animal’s lactation production. The animal
    gives less milk. Many a times, lactation period gets shorten. Both kinds of problems cause
    economical loss to the animal keeper.
  • Doctor, the product which you need to stop this kind of condition, ANIMAX has availed you.
    Doctor, the product is – MILK MASS JS BOLUS – is such formula which is full of nutrients and
    has milk increasing ingredients.
  • Doctor, MILK MASS JS BOLUS is a unique product prepared from essential nutrient
    constituents and milk enhancer herbs which are recommended by Ayurvedic and Scientific
  • Doctor, MILK MASS JS BOLUS has 21 elements. Four macro minerals – calcium, phosphorus,
    magnesium and sulphur; and five Vitamins – A, D3, H and E. It has L liasin amino acid.
    Besides this, it has extract of six herbs – shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), jeevanti (?), pipali
    (Piper longum linn), jatamansi (Spikenard), ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), and narayani
    (?). These herbs help in secretion and production of milk.
  • Doctor, all the nutrient constituents are provided in MILK MASS JS BOLUS which the animal
    needs to keep the milk production continue without any hindrance. This product has such
    formula that keeps the animal giving high lactation capacity.
  • Doctor, MILK MASS JS BOLUS makes the animal healthy and strong. Helpful for growth and
    development in small calves. Also given to make animal disease-free.
  • Doctor, give 1 bolus to mature animal in the morning, 1 bolus in the evening for ten days
    every month. Give ½ bolus daily to immature animal. Doctor, it is available in 20 bolus pack
    which is a course for mature animal.
  • Doctor, we hope that you will be assured after examining MILK MASS JS BOLUS on ten cows
    and buffaloes and suggest the animal keepers for using it. It is a tested and examined
    product by Veterinary Doctors.

Thank You.


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