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  • Special herbal preparation having functional properties of lactogogue to optimise the synthesis and secretion of milk.
  • The main herbs incorporated are Jivanti (Leptadenia recticulata), Shatavari (Asparagus recemosus), Solanum Nigrum (Mokya), Punanava (Boerhaavia), Piper longum (Peepli), Bhringaraja (Eclipta Prostrata) etc.
  • Essential minerals and vitamins are fortified to regulate the normal body function for better health and performance.


  • Milk production comes to normal position where sudden milk drop occurs due to non specific reason.
  • Immediate restoration of milk production seen in animals recovered from diseases.
  • Facilities smooth let down of milk in cases of calf death and where animals hold up the milk. It avoids the use of oxytocin drugs.
  • It can be used in treating the condition of enlargement of teats after milking.


  • Doctor, after the delivery, most of the good milch cattle face symptoms of deficiency of
    calcium, milk fever and deficiency of ketosis. The animal keeper gets afraid and tensed due
    to non-delivery of more milk.
  • Doctor, these cattle need such a product that avail them of calcium and nutrients very fast
    so that they can get energy and prevent all problems after delivery.
  • Doctor, to fulfil this need, ANIMAX HEALTH CARE has brought LDM nutrient GEL prepared
    from seven constituents.
  • Doctor, LDM GEL is a solution of the various kinds of problems which emerge after delivery.
    It is a new age formula of nutrients suggested by Vedas and Science.
  • Doctor, LDM GEL is available in fast merging more powerful calcium. For fast merging,
    essential phosphorus is in it. LDM contains four Vitamins. Vitamins D, B12, A, and E which
    the animal needs during and after the pregnancy. Doctor, it has an extract of pureria
    mirifica. It is a powerful anti-oxidant which is helpful in soothing the pain and eradicating the
    toxins produced in body after the pregnancy. It protects heart and bones. Doctor, in this way
    these seven constituents make LDM GEL incomparable product.
  • Doctor, LDM GEL with plenty of nutrients gives the animal energy by fast merging in blood.
    Fast transformation of essential elements fulfils animal’s deficiency.
  • Calcium mixed in highest quantity prevents the calcium deficiency of the animal. It does not
    let the animal suffer from calcium deficiency and milk fever. The availability of essential
    nutrients by LDM GEL protects the ketosis in animal. The limbs and muscles get power after
    the pregnancy. The animal gets lactation and gives full milk. Increases the milk production.
  • Doctor, LDM GEL is available in 300 M.L. pack. Give a pack 6-8 hours before delivery and a
    pack some time after delivery. After that giving 1-2 pack daily the animal get in the condition
    of being healthy and giving more milk continuously.
  • Doctor, it is a kind request to you that examine this product on cow and buffalo out of ten. I
    can firmly say that LDM GEL will be proved to make every such animal disease-free, healthy
    and more milk provider.

Thank You.


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