ANIP C Bolus 15×4




  • Doctors, with the increasing pollution, the diseases in bovines are also increasing. Due to
    these diseases, animal keepers have to face a lot of financial loss. Their hard-earned money
    goes into waste.
  • Doctor, rearing the bovines has become an unprofitable job. It is seen that most of the sick
    bovines have symptoms of pain, restlessness, body cramping, infection, and inflammation. If
    these symptoms are not treated well, then the milk production and recovery of such bovine
    will be late.
  • Doctor, in such a condition you need a pain-killer that can cure these symptoms and make
    the bovine healthy and more milk producer.
  • Doctor, to fulfill your requirement ANIMAX has brought ANIP C BOLUS which is
    recommended by animal scientists.
  • Doctor, Nimesulide and Paracetamol are in ANIP C BOLUS. Both of these two drugs are
    called (NSAID) pain-killers. ANIP C BOLUS normalizes the body temperature by treating the
    fever and in this way, the bovine’s body cramping gets away and the bovine gets full rest.
  • Doctor, during your treatment, give ANIP C BOLUS in the difference of 12 hours. To avoid
    further symptoms, follow-up with ANIP C BOLUS.
  • Doctor, in ANIP C BOLUS, Chlorozoxozone also mixed with Nimesulide and Paracetamol
    which eradicates muscle cramping and makes them flexible. The combination of these three
    drugs works as Synergistic.
  • Doctor, ANIP C BOLUS is effective with ANIP C INJECTION. So, you are requested to
    recommend and use ANIP C INJECTION also. The combination of these two medicines gives
    four benefits to the bovine. Here is the list:
    1. Helpful in the elimination of pain.
    2. Temperature normalization after fever.
    3. Diminishing of limb’s inflammation.
    4. Relief, comfort, and ease in restlessness due to the diminishing of body cramping.
  •  Doctor, give ANIP C BOLUS if the bovine has a fever before starting any treatment.
  • Doctor, please examine ANIP C BOLUS on ten bovines. I am sure that treated bovines
    through this will get benefits and you will start using it forever.
  • Doctor, this bolus is available in strips. In each strip, there are four boluses.


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