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  • Powerful Antioxidant-more powerful than Vitamin C and E
  • Alter the liver cell permeability to keep toxic substances outside the cell.
  • Tone up micro flora in calves after deworming
  • Corrects fatty liver syndrome.


  • Cattle, Horse 100ml daily
  • Calf, Foal, Sheep, Goat 50ml daily
  • Broilers: 10 to 20ml. 100 birds
  • Layers: 20ml. For 100 birds.


  • Doctor, do you know when animal is suffering from any infection or has parasite – given any
    medication, if vaccinated or dewormed – sick or in depression such conditions affect its liver
  • In such conditions the live gets slow in functioning. The cells of liver get damaged. They
    decrease in number and in the result the liver gets small in size and has less ability to
    function completely. Anorexia and less diet get triggered by such ailments. Nutrients from
    fodder are not got completely. The animal does not get complete energy from weak
    metabolism – animal gets cured from illness but does not get healthy completely. There is a
    decline in production. The sick animal gets healthy late.
  • Generally doctors are concentrated on sick animal during the treatment and are not able to
    mind bringing the liver in normal condition and the liver takes time in becoming the animal
  • Doctor, you need a product which can make the liver healthy during the treatment. ANIMAX
    fulfils your need by LIVOMARINE.
  • Doctor, LIVOMARINE is an ayurvedic product prepared from many kinds of selected and
    tested herbs. It stops the destruction of cells. Protects the liver. Helpful in procreation of
    new cells. Makes the liver strong.
  • In LIVOMARINE, there is a Silly Marine named beneficial liver protector. The vitamins and
    herbs present in it work like a liver tonic.
  • Giving 100 M.L. with the treatment of ailment becomes helpful in cure. Animal gets healthy
    quickly, grazes and produces milk in less time.
  • Except from the illness if we give LIVOMARINE 3 to 5 days in month then metabolism of liver
    gets normal. Fusion of all food nutrients makes more cells.
  • LIVOMARINE is considered as a tonic for any kind of internal and external depression and
    ailment – gives good health – increases production and manages the reproduction system in
    a good way.
  • Examine LIVOMARINE on any ten animals and make your animal keepers benefitted and you
    will find out how beneficial it is. It is also available in one litre and five litre pack.

Thank You.


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