Devermax Bolus 10×1


Product Description


Bolus & Liquid

(Micronzed Oxyclozanide & Levamisole)

– Broad Spectrum anthelmintic treatment for gastrointestinal worms, liver fluke and lung worms infections in cattle, sheep and goats.

– Destroy all 3 stages of fasciola (Liver Fluke).

– The unique efficacy against early immature , as well as adults worms.

– Contains – Micronized Oxyclozanide for Quik Absorption.



  • Doctor, you know that parasite is the biggest and unknown enemy of the animal. It is inside
    and outside of body – eats essential components of the animal – harms the animal in all
    ways – diseases are seen due to curtailment in production, weakness and deficiency of
    nutrient elements.
  • Doctor, you need such a product to save the animal keepers from this unknown enemy that
    can kill inside and outside parasite, protect and prevent the animal from parasite.
  • ANIMAX has brought DEVERMAX product to fulfil your need.
  • Examined and tested by Veterinary Doctors; DEVERMAX kills parasite, roundworm, lungs
    parasite, eyes and skin parasite present inside of animal’s body. Kills liver fluke, amphistome
    and paraamphistome, mature and larva. It is also capable of killing internal, external and
    surroundings parasite like; fly, mosquito, louse, maze and mite.
  • Doctor, DEVERMAX product is not only parasite killer but also gives four unique benefits – it
    has oxyclozanide which is a safe component for destroying liver fluke, amphistome and
    paraamphistome. Ivermectin is an effective product which is world famous for killing
    internal and external parasites. Levamisole is capable of killing all internal parasites in
    animal’s body either in stomach, in intestine or in eyes; either mature or larva. Besides this
    Doctor, you know that Levamisole starts increasing animal’s immunity power, increases it –
    some companies recommend Levamisole Injection as an immunity booster.
  • Doctor, in this way, DEVERMAX not only gets rid of internal and external parasite but also
    increases immunity power. It gives four benefits.
  • Doctor, DEVERMAX BOLUS is an effective product which is more powerful, safer for animal,
    functional for longer time. LONGER-STRONGER AND SAFER.
  • Doctor, protect every animal from unknown enemy and every animal get benefitted from
    nutrient elements so, make your animal parasite free – this product gives four benefits.
  • Doctor, a DEVERMAX BOLUS is sufficient for a 350 kilo animal.
  • I am not only hopeful but also sure that you will recommend DEVERMAX BOLUS which has
    four benefits for eradication of parasite.

Thank You.


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